Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have to admit that I have one BIG sweet tooth!!  I also love to bake!!!!!  These two loves are a BAD combo.  Bad for the waistline.  When I graduated collage and moved into my first apartment my mom gave me a cookbook from a local high school.  I found this recipe for chocolate chip cookies that were a little different than the normal.  They have grated chocolate on top of chocolate chips (the more chocolate the better!!) and ground oatmeal.  YUM!  I was a big fan and my husband an even bigger fan. 

I set out to make these yesterday only to realize I was out of eggs.  I thought I would just hold off till I had a chance to get to the store.  I checked with my husband to see if he could stop and get some on his way home from work.  The gas station was out but he was determined to get eggs.  Needless to say, we had cookies that night.  Thanks for the eggs babe!!


Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 C. butter
1 C. brown sugar
1 C. sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
2 C. flour
2 1/2 C. oatmeal
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
12 oz chocolate chips
6 oz Hershey chocolate bar, grated
1 C nuts (optional)

Preheat oven to 375*  Grind oatmeal in blender/processor.  Set aside.  Cream butter and sugar until smooth.  Add eggs and beat till creamy.  Add vanilla.  Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.  Bake for 7 min.  Do Not Over Bake!!!  If you are using a stone to bake these will take a bit longer.  My first batch took 9 minutes and my second took 8.

I usually try to make things a bit healthier and use whole wheat flour.  AWESOME!  The whole wheat flour goes great with the oatmeal.  Because of the oatmeal and the whole wheat flour, does this mean I can have them for breakfast? 

The cookies are still good if you don't add the extra grated chocolate but who would want to take away chocolate?  I would usually use my food processor for this but mine is broken.  Instead I used a Pampered Chef microplane with a food holder and grating the chocolate was a breeze!  I used Hershey milk chocolate chips instead of a bar.   


  1. These sound delicious! I'm definitely going to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Deanna, let me know how they turned out. Thanks for stopping by!